My love I can share – A.M. Luque

The Game of Love
Is played in turns
Each player makes a choice
Playing with love may leave one burned
Cards played close to the chest

You can hold my hand
If you trade me a kiss
For something clever I say
I’ll listen to you if you listen to me
If you spend time with me today
I’ll call you back if you call me first
I’ll serenade your voicemail
I’ll take a step if you take a leap
I’m vulnerable, wearing chainmail

But love is not a game
Conditional actions
Consequence and reward
Draw you close as I stand at a distance
Make you do the most
He hurt me, she hurt me
I was hurt before
We lied, I lied
It’s set at an uneven score
She needed to, he needed to
I needed to grow up
Will they call? I don’t care
I feel my stomach in knots
When will I find love, where?
I feel like they forgot
I feel like I forgot
How to love someone
And not to try and BE in love
And not to try and make their heart sing
With praises for my ego
So sadly, bitterly, fearful
“I just don’t want you to leave me”
A pathetic and desperate earful

Romantic gestures upon empty people
Are gestures just the same
But if it’s empty then memories
Will not care to remember their name

The difference between what is
And what’s wished
The desperatity of love

If I like you and if we kiss
Then that is what it is
If we converse and I like it
Then I will give you a call
I’ll keep you in my life
I will make the time
And I will care for your woes
And write you silly rhymes

For I have lived in love
And illusions of love I made
I have pained the pain of heartbreak
And lost a loss so great
So what’s left is real
I’ve eliminated the fake
Whirlwind romance be damned
I’m not going to create
Anymore than is there
To fulfill a dreamed state
I am a romantic and I like woo
I like to see blushing cheeks
And for my lover to swoon

Simple and complicated
Love is often both
But my thoughts are dominated
By honesty, by truth
If I want true love
Then I must be true too
I am not the one, for true love is rare
But with you, my love I can share


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